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"As a leader, I strive to embody my core values in every business interaction and provide the highest possible impact for my services."

30+ years of diverse industry experience

Over $139.6 million in sales revenue generated

Local to Kansas City metro area

Focused on ethics, integrity, and relationships

Michael is a highly accomplished, energetic, visionary sales leader dedicated to working collaboratively with clients and business partners to achieve impactful results. His firm, Mastermind Advisory Services, helps business owners generate more consistent sales, revenues, and profits by implementing innovative sales approaches and processes and developing a sustainable and accountable sales organization.  Michael is a 'roll up your sleeves' type of executive leader working with his clients strategically with the CEO/President as well as tactically with each member of the sales team.

Michael brings over 30 years of experience to Mastermind Advisory Services, specializing in scaling companies to the next level of sales, revenue, and profit by strategic planning, tactical sales & marketing planning, active sales leadership, business development, sales team development, and sales operational improvements for small to medium-sized companies and business units.  His diverse background includes serving in private companies of varying sizes, from small startups to Fortune 500, consultatively driving sales improvements through cutting-edge technologies, services, and processes. His success is garnered from public vertical markets including utilities, municipalities, city government, & K-12 education, and private companies like energy, engineering, construction, industrial, manufacturing, and technology.


Personal and professional values like ethics, integrity, and relationships are cornerstones of Michael's life. He brings them to every business interaction and embodies them as a leader. 

Michael is a devoted dad to his two young adults, Sydney and Dylan, and enjoys being actively engaged in their lives and activities (choir, cross country, track, and soccer). Michael believes in community and giving back.  He has coached youth soccer for 7 years, has volunteered at his church (Grace Church of South Overland Park, KS) for 9 years, and served with the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kansas City for 3 years.

MAS Values



Maintain a hard line between what is right and what is wrong.



Do the right thing, even when no one is looking. 



People always come first. 



Behave in a genuine and sincere way.



Working together means working stronger.



An abundance mindset means investing in the community.

Are you ready to get your business on the right track by partnering with an experienced executive leader? 

A Quick Glance at MAS

MAS can - 
  • Accelerate revenue growth of the company 

  • Reverse flat or declining revenue

  • Build a sustainable and accountable sales team

  • Increase sales revenue per salesperson

  • Deploy innovative processes that enable predictable sales results.

  • Hire and retain the right sales team

  • Mentor and grow sales team personnel

  • Develop a positive sales culture 

  • Save time and resources rather than hiring a full-time CRO

By offering - 
  • 1:1 advisement for business owners

  • Strategic business planning and implementation

  • Tactical sales & marketing planning and implementation

  • Analyze sales team and sales processes to identify improvement areas

  • Recruit & retain the right sales team members

  • Sales team mentoring and coaching

  • Collaborate with marketing to ensure consistent messaging

  • Operational improvements

Successes include - 
  • Rescued a failing division at $500k and increased to $1.6M

  • Scaled a flat company from $2.9M to $8M in 3 years

  • Built and scaled a new division of a startup from 0 to $6.5M in 2 years

  • Transformed an industry business unit & scaled from $7.4M to $19.6M in 3 years

  • Scaled a mature, stable technology company from $14M to $22M in 2 years

  • Revamped a flat division of a Fortune 500 company from $38M to $45M in 2 years

  • Started up a new market focus business unit of a company and won first clients (generating $45M in ARR).